When wanting to update your bathroom, a fresh coat of paint can be a great way to give it the appeal you’re looking for. Bathrooms are also fun rooms to paint because they don’t require much time – bathrooms are usually the smallest room in your home, so a fresh coat of paint can go a long way aesthetically. But, before going ahead with your home painting project, you must first choose the right type of paint.

So, what type of paint should you use in your bathroom? Here are a few things to consider when painting your bathroom and the best type of paint finishes to use in each scenario.

What Paint Should I Use to Paint My Bathroom

1. Consider excessive moisture 

If your bathroom has a shower, it will be inevitable to escape moisture. For a painted wall, moisture can be a problem. That’s why it’s important to know the right type of paint to use before moving forward. Even if you’re careful that no drop of water is ever splashed onto the walls, steam from the shower or bathtub will put moisture on the wall’s surface.

What is the best type of paint finish to use for moisture? 

A high-gloss finish is excellent at repelling moisture, and is easily wiped. One thing to note about a high gloss finish is that it doesn’t always look the best when painted on large surfaces such as a wall. When it comes to high-gloss finishes, we recommend using it on the trim or on your bathroom cabinets.

Semi-gloss finishes are better reserved for the walls. Semi-glosses also repel moisture well and can be easily wiped if water drips onto the wall.

2. Consider dripping water on the walls 

Even if your bathroom doesn’t have a shower, sinks and other sources of water can cause dripping. An accumulation of dripping water that isn’t properly wiped can cause staining. Not only is this unsightly, it’s also more difficult to remove overtime. When it comes dripping water, consider using a paint that can be easily wiped while still able to repel moisture. Choosing the right finish will help.

What is the best type of paint finish to use dripping water? 

Although eggshell finishes are more easily wiped, they aren’t always the best for moisture-prone areas. Satin finishes, on the other hand, are slightly glossy and are suitable for a low-moisture bathroom, like a powder room. For bathrooms with showers, however, going with a semi-gloss finish is, as mentioned, best recommended.

3. Consider using paint with additives for multi-room purposes

While there are certain types of paints to use for each area of the home, modern technology has allowed paint manufacturers to begin creating home paints that can work in any area in the home, including moist bathrooms. When paint manufacturers include certain additives, the paint becomes more versatile, durable and moisture-resistant.

Can I use paint with additives for my bathroom walls?

Yes and no. When purchasing a paint that includes additives to resist moisture, you don’t have to worry too much about the finish. However, you must make sure that the finish can handle high-moisture areas. For example, most matte or flat finishes should be avoided in a bathroom because they absorb moisture and are difficult to wipe. However, Benjamin Moore produces a range of matte finishes with additives designed to handle high-moisture areas

Bottom line, not all paint finishes that have additives are suitable for bathrooms or other areas where moisture accumulates. It’s up to you to consult a professional painting expert in Toronto to understand the proper paint finishes that can be used for your bathroom painting project.

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