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Looking for brick staining services that offer both breathability and permanent colour transformation? Let our experts work their magic and transform your space beautifully.

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Professional Brick Staining Services in Toronto

Refreshing the brick exterior of a house is a defining feature of its architecture. A fresh colour update can enhance its natural architecture and texture, offering an easy and affordable way to modernize your home and create an elegant statement.

When it comes to a professional brick staining company in Toronto, none can match our expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence. Voted one of Canada’s Top Painting & Decorating Companies for four years in a row, Encore Painting has been proudly serving the GTA since 2008.

If you’re ready for a change but don’t want the hassle or expense of a structural overhaul, brick staining is the perfect choice. 

You’ve already done the hard work of getting into the real estate market in this city. Let us turn that house into a home worth celebrating.

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How Brick Staining Works:

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1. Brick staining versus painting: What’s the difference?

There are many advantages to staining brick rather than painting it, both aesthetically and functionally. While both allow you to transform the look of your home, stain preserves the natural texture and health of your brick by acting as a permanent, breathable finish that lasts for years. Paint, on the other hand, adheres as a thick latex coating that will not only peel and crack over time, costing you more money in the long run when it needs to be replaced, but will also obscure the natural texture of the brick. Where stain essentially becomes a part of your brick, paint simply covers over it—and leaves it susceptible to damage. You’re not limited to the exterior of your home, either. Interior brick walls can also be stained, making for an easy, high-impact update that can be enjoyed up close.

2. What colours are available for brick staining?

The colour options to choose from are endless, which means the only real limit for updating the look of your house is your own imagination. Whether you want to go from light to dark or dark to light (or anywhere in between), our brick staining service can instantly and dramatically change the look of your home—and seriously improve its curb appeal. Love the colour of your brick already but wish it didn’t look so dingy? Brick stain matching is a great option for simply enhancing what you already have.

3. How much does it cost to stain brick?

The cost will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your house, the number of external fixtures or hard-to-reach areas it has, how much preparation needs to be done ahead of time (such as covering and taping), and how soon you want the job completed. Small to medium-sized homes typically take 2-3 days to finish, and up to 7-14 days for larger ones, but we can also accommodate shorter timelines at additional cost. In all cases, we’ll price based on the estimated number of hours it will take to complete your project, which we always let you know before we get started—no unpleasant surprises!

Here’s a rough guide:

  • $4,000+ for bungalows
  • $6,000+ for a small to medium-sized house
  • $8,000+ for a large house

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