If there’s a room in your condo that lacks natural light, it can be difficult to liven up. Especially in Toronto with such limited daylight in the winter, a dark room can seem dreary. But, what you might not be aware of is how a new coat of paint can transform a dark space – and it doesn’t always have to be painted with a bright white tone.

Many people will choose a white or off white for these rooms without giving it much thought. Though these shades are good for brightening dark rooms, they are by no means the only options. In fact, there are other shades that work well in dark rooms, either brightening them by complimenting the artificial light sources and expanding the space, or by leaning into the lack of light and making a room seem warm, cozy, and inviting.

If you’re looking for the best colours of paint to use for a small room in your condo, you can check out the list we’ve compiled below. Hopefully it will inspire you to brighten up a dark room and liven up the space.

What Paint Should I Use in a Dark Room

Light Grey

If you are looking to experiment with a colour other than white or off white for your dark room, but don’t want to stray too far, a light grey is for you. This shade is as close to white or off white as you can get, while having characteristics unique from those truly neutral shades. It is still reflective, which will add light and space to a room, and still neutral enough to go with nearly any decor. Light grey also has a depth and warmth to it that whites lack, which tend to make spaces feel more welcoming. When it comes to the colour grey, you’re getting the best of both worlds – a light reflective space that can be modern and cozy all at once.

Light Blue

Light blue is an excellent colour to use in a dark room if you want to add brightness and open up the space. It’s great at complimenting artificial light sources, and the lighter it is, the more versatile it can be at matching with different colours. Light blue is airy and playful, and is one of the more common choices we see when clients are looking to add a bit of subtle colour to their space.

Light Violet

Light violets or pale purples are great choices for darker rooms for the same reason light blues are, but are slightly more adventurous shades while still not being overpowering. They lack the coolness of pale blues which will give the room a slightly different flavour. These tones are also not as reflective, so they can also give your space some added warmth.

Deep Green

As we mentioned, just because a room does not get much natural light does not mean that you will want to add brightness to it. In fact, using darker shades can create a warm, cozy vibe, and can be perfect for living rooms or lounges. Dark colours can create an illusion of a receding wall, so though you won’t be adding light, the space will not seem too crowded. If this is the look you’re going for, a rich, dark green can be a great place to start. This rich earth tone is sophisticated and modern, while still being inviting. It can turn any space into the perfect place to enjoy a cozy night in.


Finally, though it may seem unintuitive, black can be a great colour for a dark room. We just talked about how dark colours can expand a space, and black does a great job of this. However, with such an intense colour choice, choosing the right complimentary shades is essential, and there is no better colour to compliment black than white and light greys. Pair your black walls with a white ceiling and light to nuetral coloured decor for a sophisticated, yet bold feel.

It’s Time to Liven Up Your Dark Room 

Hopefully this has opened your eyes to the many possibilities for some of the darker rooms in your home or condo. Whatever the vision, Encore Painting can make it happen. Our home painters in Toronto are up to date on all modern painting trends, and will help you choose the colours that will create the perfect atmosphere for your darker rooms. Turn the darkest room in your home into a space you love to be in by contacting Encore today.