If you’re looking to transform a room, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do it is by changing its colour. A new coat of paint is a home design project that nearly anyone can do, and will immediately give a space a new feel. But that said, there are definitely some things to keep in mind before you start.  Let’s take a look at some of the equipment and techniques needed to give a room a quality paint job, so you will have the knowledge and confidence to take on the project yourself!

What’s The Best Way to Paint Interior Walls

What should I paint interior walls with?

The first thing you need in order to paint your walls is, unsurprisingly, the paint and primer. The quality of the paint is the single biggest thing that will affect the outcome of your paint job. High quality paint just works better. It dries more evenly, comes off the brush or roller more smoothly, and gives an all around better result. From there, the equipment you need is minimal. For the application, you need the brushes and rollers (a roller extension if you’re painting the ceiling), a painting tray, and things to cover what you don’t want painted. This means painter’s tape for the trim and outlets, drop cloths for the floor, and old clothes and shoes for yourself. Once you’ve got all that, you’re good to go!

Is it better to roll or spray interior paint?

As you’ll learn from our blog House Paint Spray vs. Brush, using a paint sprayer can be a great way to paint your home quickly and evenly. However, as we talk about, this is usually reserved for the exterior of your home. Though they are an option for your home’s interior, paint sprayers should be used indoors only by experienced painters. Paint sprayers atomize the paint and spray it evenly across a surface, which can be great, but it leads to excess paint drifting into the air. Outdoors this is not much of a problem, but indoors this can lead to the paint getting everywhere, especially if you’re inexperienced and don’t hold the sprayer the appropriate distance away from the wall. Combined with the fact that paint sprayers can be expensive to rent and require more protective gear like respirator masks and goggles, we recommend that the less experienced painters stick to rollers and brushes!

How do you paint a wall perfectly?

You now know to start with high quality paint and the equipment needed for the job, now let’s check out the proper technique for painting a room. First of all, prep the space by removing all furniture and outlet covers, and put drop cloths on the floor. Then apply painter’s tape to the areas you want protected. This could be outlet sockets, door and window trim, and along the junction between the wall and the ceiling. Finally, apply the primer. Once it has dried, it’s time to start painting!

Begin with the edges, using a brush to paint a roughly 10 cm swath along and slightly on the painter’s tape. Do two coats. Then saturate the roller in paint, rolling it several times along the tray to remove any excess, and begin painting the walls interior. Move the roller in a ‘W’ shape, painting quickly to avoid the paint drying which causes streaking. Once the wall has been evenly painted, leave it to dry completely before doing a second coat. Repeat the process, and after the second coat has dried, remove the painters tape, clean the area, and you’re done!

Now that you know the basics of interior painting, hopefully you have the confidence to give it a shot! That said, if you would still feel more comfortable leaving the painting to the pros, then Encore Painting has you covered. We’ve been painting homes in the GTA for nearly a decade and a half, so we know how to leave your home’s interior with an even, lasting coat. Start the transformation of your home today by contacting Encore Painting Ltd. to get your free estimate with us today.