Terms and Conditions 


1. Agreement to Perform Services:

Encore Painting Ltd commits to providing the necessary labour, materials, and supplies to execute the outlined services in this Contract. Upon completion, our team will ensure the thorough removal of all materials, supplies, and debris.

2. Project Description/Scope of Work:

Customers are urged to carefully review the job description, as Encore Painting Ltd is exclusively bound to tasks specified in the estimate.

3. Colours and Coats Estimation:

In case colours are not provided during the quote request, Encore Painting Ltd estimates the number of coats within a spectrum close in range of current tones. Significant changes in colour may require more coats, leading to an increase in price due to additional materials and labour.

4. Preparation:

* All floors and furniture will be covered before painting. 
* Small holes will be patched. 
* Cracks in the trim will be filled before painting. 
* Glossy surfaces will be cleaned and sanded before painting. 
* Necessary areas will be covered before painting. 
* Surfaces will be scraped/sanded to remove peeling paint. 
* Primer will be applied to bare wood. 
* Cracks in wood will be filled with caulking. 
* Job sites will be cleaned upon project completion.

5. Paint/Materials:

The estimate encompasses paint and materials. Customers must select colours at least one week before the project start date. Additional charges may apply for colour changes after work begins. All surfaces will receive two coats of paint unless otherwise stated. Some accent colours may require more than two coats, incurring additional costs, communicated to the customer. All paint and materials are included in the quote price, featuring premium paints from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. Any additional coats required will result in added costs.

6. Unforeseen Conditions:

Should unforeseen repairs arise, customers will be promptly notified, and an additional work order will be presented for approval. If this is a virtual quote, please be advised that the price may decrease or increase upon an in-person assessment. Notify us of any work not listed on this quote or that does not follow our scope of work, along with any damage not clearly visible in photos, mentioned, or shown.

7. Customer Responsibility:

* The job site must be clean before painters arrive. 
* Furniture, tools, appliances, and belongings are to be moved to the centre by the owner unless otherwise requested. 
* Encore Painting Ltd is not responsible for moving furniture unless a waiver is requested. Additional charges may apply for this service. 
* Wall hangings must be removed. 
* The work area must be free of other trades. 
* The customer must be available for a thorough walk-through with the crew lead on the last day.

8. Insurance:

Encore Painting Ltd is covered with $5 million in liability insurance, and our WSIB is always up-to-date for all employees and painters. In the unlikely event of an accident or damage, we are safely covered.

9. Warranty:

Interior Guarantee: 
Encore Painting Ltd, a trusted name in Toronto, stands behind our work. In the unlikely chance of failure due to workmanship inside your home, we’ll come back to fix the issue. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Exterior Guarantee:

We offer a 2-year guarantee on our exterior residential painting work. If there is any failure due to workmanship, we’ll come back and fix the issue at no charge. Guarantee does not include walked-on surfaces, rust, damage by the customer, high moisture areas, and/or rotten wood.

10. Cancellation:

Customers have the right to cancel within three days of acceptance. Cancellation notices should be emailed to notify Encore Painting Ltd.

11. Acceptance:

Acceptance of this estimate is indicated by clicking the “Accept” button and virtually signing. Acknowledgment of understanding the terms is implicit upon acceptance.

12. Use of Photos for Marketing Purposes:

Encore Painting Ltd. is granted permission to take photographs of the completed residential dwelling (“Dwelling”) for marketing and promotional purposes.

The Owner acknowledges and agrees that Encore shall have the exclusive right to use these photographs in its marketing materials, including but not limited to brochures, websites, social media, and advertisements, without any obligation to seek the Client’s approval or payment of fees.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that they shall have no rights or claims over the photographs taken by Encore, and Encore shall retain all intellectual property rights and Clientship of the photographs.

Encore shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the photographs used for marketing purposes do not disclose any personally identifiable information or compromise the security of the Dwelling.

13. Payment:


A 30% deposit of the total estimate price is required upon acceptance. The project commences upon receipt of the deposit. The remaining total is due upon project completion.
In the event of cancellation after a deposit has been made, please note that the deposit is refundable up to three months from the date of acceptance. We understand that circumstances may change, and we are committed to accommodating your needs during this initial period. 
However, if the scheduled work is not initiated within the specified time frame and you choose to cancel after this period, the deposit will be retained to cover administrative and scheduling costs.

Balance and Invoicing:

* The balance is due upon receiving the final invoice. 
* Past-due invoices are subject to a 5% interest charge on the full subtotal, applied monthly until the outstanding balance is settled.

Payment Options:

* Cheques are payable to Encore Painting Ltd. 
* E-transfer to [email protected] with the address in the subject line. 
* Credit card payments are accepted, subject to a 2.8% fee.