When it comes to managing your rental property, it’s no secret that a freshly painted interior makes a big impact on potential tenants. Painting is a simple and cost-effective way to help ensure you get a return on your investment. But, you shouldn’t just settle for any DIY paint job. Hiring a professional painter ensures you get a quality job that lasts for years to come. Additionally, a professional painter will be up-to-date on the latest painting trends and techniques, meaning you’ll be left with a unit that’s very attractive to future renters. The benefits don’t end there. Keep reading to see why you should hire professional painters for your rental unit.

Why You Should Hire Professional Painters For Your Rental Unit

It Saves Time and Stress

Whether you own one rental property or several, odds are your plate is already full of daily obligations. Avoid adding more work and stress by letting the pros take over. Professional painters typically come in with a team of two or more and offer faster turnaround times than you could handle on your own. After all, a good paint job isn’t just about painting. Painting also requires washing the walls, laying down tarps and tape, covering furniture, and more.

Increases The Value of Your Property

Renters are smart and a paint job that isn’t up to par will be one of the first things they notice. It’s not uncommon to find doors and cabinets that won’t close or outlets that are rendered unusable due to a poor-quality paint job. On the other hand, a well-done paint job can increase the value and appeal of your entire property.

Reasons To Paint

Painting is an easy way to make your rental dazzle. However, you might not need to re-paint after every tenant turnover. Sometimes the signs of wear and tear simply aren’t there. If you’re unsure of when to paint your rental unit, keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Your current paint job is chipping or peeling.

  • Your previous tenant smoked in the unit.

  • There are visible stains on the walls or ceiling.

  • The rental unit is old and still has lead-based paint.

  • The current colour is outdated or unappealing.

  • You’re having trouble securing new tenants.

Choosing A Colour For Your Rental Unit

Once you’ve decided to paint your property, you’ll need to settle on a paint colour next. In general, it’s best to stick with neutral colours such as whites, grays, and beige tones. However, setting up a colour consultation with your painter will help determine what’s best for your property.

Quality Toronto Paint Jobs That Last For Years

There are a handful of factors that contribute to the lifespan of a paint job–the quality of paint, the living environment, and how much prep work was done. At Encore Painting we understand the importance of each step of the painting process. We work hard to make sure you get a quality paint job that’s designed to last. If you’re ready to paint your Toronto rental property then reach out to our team today for a free quote.