Best Practices for Commercial Painting

Is your commercial building in need of a touch-up? Whether you have chipped and fading paint or are gearing up for a re-brand – adding a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to boost the appeal of your commercial business.

But, before you start your next project, it’s important to find a reliable GTA commercial painting contractor. To ensure quality results, you will want to find someone who follows the best practices for commercial painting.

Not sure what those best practices are? Then let’s break them down.

Consultations & Insurance

A good painting contractor will start off with an in-depth consultation. During this time, the contractor should inspect the paint site (either in-person or virtually) and be able to give you a quote.

During the consultation, you can also expect to get information regarding the estimated length and schedule of your project. The best painters will go above and beyond to have the lowest possible impact on your business. At Encore Painting, this means working weekends, after office hours, off-peak times or tackling one area at a time if needed to best accommodate your needs.

Additionally, you will want to see that your contractor has the proper insurance coverage prior to any work being done or money being exchanged. Typically you want your contractor to have up-to-date WSIB and a good amount in liability insurance.

Proven Track Record & Guarantees

Clearly showcasing past work and reviews is another best practice among commercial painters. A trustworthy painting contractor will have this information readily available in a document or on their website.

However, it never hurts to do your own research either. Before hiring anyone, always check reviews on reliable sites including HomeStars and Google to see what previous clients have to say. If your contractor has a good reputation, it won’t be hard to find realistic positive reviews.

The best painting contractors commonly offer a guarantee on their work, whether it’s a warranty or satisfaction guarantee. This means they have confidence in the quality of their work and are willing to stand by it.

Clear Communication & Recommendations

One of the most important practices for any contract work is clear communication. It should always feel easy to reach out to your contractor for more information or updates on the project. Your contractor should also reach out to you to keep you in-the-loop.

Contractors with plenty of experience should also be able to recommend the best painting products for the needs of your building and your brand. This includes the type of paint, colours, and finishes that will work best for your specific needs.

Commercial Painting Contractors in the GTA

When it comes to GTA commerical painting, Encore Painting has the tools, experience, and insurance coverage needed for a job well done. With over a decade of commercial and residential painting under our belts, we are confident in our ability to give your business the encore it deserves.

Don’t hesitate to fill out our online form today and get your no obligation quote on your next project. We can’t wait to get started!

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