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Basements are more than just dark rooms where your water heater is located. Whether you use the space as an additional living room, family activity room, or even a rental unit–a fully finished basement offers a world of possibilities. But one thing all basements have in common is a lack of natural light. Luckily, you can brighten up any room with the right paint colour.


There’s a wide selection of white and off-white colours that will instantly brighten up your basement. From pure white to powder white, these lighter colours help reflect natural light, even if your basement windows are tiny. The advantage of white paint is that it will match whatever existing decor you already own, making it easy to give your basement a whole new look on a budget.

Remember to opt for a shade of white with cooler undertones as warmer whites can appear yellowish or dingey in darker spaces. A great choice would be Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. This shade will give your basement a fresh, clean look that won’t clash with any of your furniture or decor.

basement paint colour ideas
basement paint colour ideas 1
basement paint colour ideas 2


Grey has really taken off as a neutral paint colour option. So, if you’re looking for something easy and basic that isn’t plain white, soft greys are a great alternative. You can give your grey basement walls a little more personality by adding pops of colour with artwork and decor.

Again, opt for a light shade that features cooler undertones for your best chance at brightening up your basement. Need inspiration? Consider Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl. It’s the perfect blend of warm and cool tones, making it a versatile option for any basement.


Green paints always offer a sense of calm and can be an easy way to bring a touch of nature indoors. Lighter shades of sage green are perfect for the basement, and when paired with white accents. will make the room feel light, bright, and airy.

A soft pistachio or light mint green would also work well here. Give Sherwin Williams’ Oyster Bay a try for a subtle yet impactful green that will add dimension and warmth to your basement.

Pinks & Purples

Give your basement a cheery, happy vibe with soft lilac or barely-there blush pink paint. Sticking with light shades will help brighten the room and certain shades of pink and purple also work to make your room feel larger.

If your basement has west-facing windows, a soft blush pink will look stunning at sunset. Try out Benjamin Moore’s Pink Bliss for a dreamy, ethereal look. For a more dramatic feel, choose a deeper shade like Sherwin Williams’ Mesmerize. This rich, regal purple will add sophistication and depth to your basement space.


Bring blue sky vibes indoors with a light shade of blue paint. If the windows in your basement are limited, blue paint can help amplify any artificial lighting you have, giving the illusion of sunny days. Additionally, blue paint is known for evoking relaxation and calmness.

If you need somewhere to start, try Benjamin Moore’s Breath of Fresh Air. It’s a versatile light blue that works well in any space, including basements.


When trying to make a room appear brighter, black is probably the last colour you’d think of. However, when used correctly, black is an excellent choice for the basement. Use black paint on the ceiling to give the illusion of taller walls. A great shade to try is Sherwin Williams’ Black Magic. This bold, matte black will add sophistication and depth to your basement.

Or paint a black accent wall to make the room appear bigger. If black is too intimidating, try a lighter charcoal grey instead. Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal is a popular choice for its versatility and ability to create a cozy yet modern atmosphere. Pairing this bold dark colour with white will leave you with a basement that feels larger and brighter.